One question we often got thrown at us as little children was “what will you like to be when you grow up? For me, my answer back then was that I would love to be a medical doctor. Why? Being a medical doctor sounded so prestigious plus all my friends and even cousins wanted to be one prestigious thing or another- like aeronautic engineer, lawyer, pilot, ambassador, Princess etc. In short, the more prestigious it sounded, the better. But as the days went by, the distinction between our individual make ups began to be more obvious. For so long, through primary and secondary schools, I flunked at the sciences. Maths, chemistry and physics gave me stomach aches but I had excellent grades in English. I was an avid reader of story books or novels etc. But still, it didn’t sound prestigious enough to study English in the university. So, I applied to study law but only got admitted to study Secretarial Administration. Perhaps, I should have been brave enough to resit necessary exams to study law but I guess, I was a bit in a hurry to be in the university. 

Secretarial Administration, a commercial course became the foundation of what I am today.  I guess I didn’t stray too far,  I still found purpose! In the course of eight years at a public service job, the bulk of what I have done is writing, editing and public relations. I have often been asked if I studied English or Mass Communication especially after publishing some books and launching the Reach For The Stars talk show on radio. Today, I find so much fulfillment teaching people self development courses. This is all part of what I was wired for, I am still unraveling.

What about you? Have you found out what you were made for? I am challenging you today, to rise above that survival instinct which seemed to have lured a lot of people into jobs that they do just to make ends meet. You were created for much more…..You were wired to impact your world in such a unique way that no other person can. Your total make up- likes and dislikes, your idiosyncrasies, your interests, your talents all adds up to how you are meant to impact your world. Take time to search within you, the answers you are seeking are right there. You may soon discover that the things you were created to do are far from what you studied in the university or may be you are already walking in purpose and wondering- ‘how much I am I making from this?



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  1. This is so interesting. Thanks for this

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