Why new year resolutions are broken often

Greetings people, happy new year! there is no magic to it, keeping our new year resolutions is possible but often we are not ready to do what it requires to make it happen. We are not ready to make the necessary sacrifices, probably because sacrifices are not leisure walks in the park. The truth is that it will cost you a little, yes, a tiny pain may be involved but at the end of the day, it will be worth it. Don’t be surprised to discover that so early in the year, you have already broken your best resolutions, actually it is understandable, after all, we are just humans and we are perfect at manufacturing excuses why something cannot be done but if you really mean business, then you should get down to doing the following things:

  1. Set clear goals: It is a new year, what are the things you want to achieve? where do you want to go from here? setting clear goals will help you identify the changes you need to make in order to achieve your goals. For instance, do you want to quit smoking or lose some extra pounds or stop drinking alcohol or you want to be nicer to people, for all these goals, you must be able to identify why you want to make the change because your ‘why’ will ginger you to go on when you will rather quit. Why do you want to quit smoking or stop drinking alcohol or be nicer to people? Perhaps, because it is healthy and you want to live long, perhaps you have realized that people are important and you need good networks to thrive in today’s world.
  2. Change the people you hang out with: This may sound extreme but if there are certain addictions you want to overcome that you do mostly because you are hanging out with the wrong crowd, then it is time to make a change and no one is saying this is going to be easy, you may have a lot of explaining to do to your chums who may probably not get it, who may feel that you are acting arrogant but guess what, this is exactly what you need to do to go to the next level but don’t go drifting into another bad group, instead, identify your goals clearly because this will help you to know the kind of new people to link with. What are the things you want to achieve? You should start hanging out with people who will help you achieve your goals.
  3. Don’t be so harsh on yourself: Be kind to yourself on this journey, instead of feeling like a failure because you are already breaking your best resolutions, why not take it one step at a time. Good habits are easy to form if you take it one step at a time. Perhaps, you used to take five bottles of beer or smoke six packs of cigarettes or take ten cubes of sugar in your cup of tea in a day, you can progress by reducing your intake gradually, instead take a bottle of beer, smoke a pack of cigarettes, take one cube of sugar and as the days go by, you may even skip it. The truth is that the urges to indulge will not go away automatically but when you practice this gradual steps, one day you will wake up and discover you have overcome your addictions.
  4. Get to the root of why you do what you do: If for instance you are used to yelling at your spouse or children or being nasty to people generally, you should be asking yourself why you do this. Could it be that this stems from deeper frustrations you feel within you? Perhaps you feel insecure or have an inferiority or superiority complex, so you think you need to yell at people so they don’t take you for granted. May be what you need to tackle first is your complex. Why do you have a complex? Is it because you are shorter than you would rather be? or perhaps you don’t like your flat or too long nose? The first thing you need to do is accept who you are, warts and all. There are certain things you can change about yourself like your habits but when it comes to your body, I am not an advocate for changing body parts that are working perfectly. Accept yourself and build your confidence. Learn to start loving who you were created to be and see how your outlook on life changes.
  5. Just Begin: Whatever you want to do this year, don’t hesitate any more, just start! You may not have all the money, you may not know so many people, the accounts may not be balanced, there may be many questions running through your mind, nonetheless, just begin! a journey of a thousand days starts with a step, without taking that first step, the journey will not begin. So, begin, and don’t stop, keep walking, keep making extra efforts no matter what. I assure you, you will win if you don’t stop!

And this is wishing you a very fabulous year.

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