What is your average day like? Do you know that time is your most irreplaceable resource? We’ve all got only 24 hours in a day, sadly time keeps depleting and there is nothing anyone of us can do about it. No matter how long you have lived or how long you will live, one thing that is certain is that you will not live forever. So tick tuck says the clock. What you have to do, do now. How you spend every minute or day of this year will determine how much success you will record at the end of the year. There are a lot of activities we indulge in that are counter-productive, if we are bold or courageous enough to keep a track on how we spend our time, you would be amazed at how much time is wasted on such counter-productive activities. These activities on their own as a one-time indulgence may not be life threatening, but engaging in such activities year in year out for the rest of our lives can certainly be suicidal. In order to maximize the time we have therefore we must do our best to do things differently:

  1. Spend time with God: I think this is the number one thing you should do each day. I would say time spent with God is as essential as breathing because He alone knows the end from the beginning. Scripture says in Psalm 37:5 that you should commit your ways to the Lord and He will bring it to pass. Your day is set when you begin in God’s presence because he will show you the way to go. Time spent with God is an opportunity to get instructions on how to run the course of your day.
  2. Find your purpose: Discover the reason you were created. Discern what your assignment is in this world, in other words, what you were uniquely crafted for. Every human being on earth has got a purpose, none of us is here by mistake, and discovering your reason of existence will help you to spend your time meaningfully because your purpose will so consume you that you will not have time for frivolities.  I assure you were wired specially for that assignment, and you have been adequately equipped for it. Your natural abilities point towards it
  3. Make your social media time profitable: Many of us spend the bulk of our day on social media, and for what? To idle away the time, while the creators of these outfits smile to the bank. Unless you are earning some cool cash while on social media, you really should consider spending less time there but of course, social media has become a lot of things these days, it is the place where you can advertise your business and get more customers, it is a form of entertainment and a lot of people’s number one go to news source, job site and so on. Bottom line is, if you must be on social media, make your engagements profitable, advertise what you do, sell your brand to the world, create useful networks.
  4. Reduce gossip time: I think humans just like to gossip, it has become one of our favourite past times. We want to know what is happening in the life of others, sometimes in the process of analysing the life of others, we end up defaming their characters and developing preconceived ideas about who they are based on what we have heard about them instead of focusing on our own lives or businesses as the case may be. Unless you are a gossip news tabloid and you are making some good money from gossiping about others, it is wise to begin to use that time you use to talk about others to do something creative. For Christ sake, take a hobby or spend your free time volunteering, yes, go learn a sport.
  5. Watch less television: I try as much as possible to watch television only when I want to relax, since watching television is a passive activity. The truth is when you are watching television; someone somewhere is earning some good money. What I do sometimes is to inculcate some boring chores into my television time, such as losing my braided hair or doing some physical exercise. So. Please desist from the temptation of spending your whole day watching television; you too can unleash the creative genius within you.
  6. Get physical: We spend too much time being cooped up in one place. Remember you have only one body which is the tent that allows you to exist in this world, so it is your responsibility to take care of it. Exercise is not only for weight watchers, everyone needs to exercise regularly, the benefits are unquantifiable just google it! Plus, it keeps you healthy, boosts the immune system and even charges you up mentally. I get a lot of inspiration when I am taking a walk.
  7. Be diligent: We spend the best part of life at work; your work may be from nine to five or a more convenient schedule depending on whether you are employed somewhere or self-employed. Whatever the case may be, do your work well, make sure at the end of every day, you can feel good that your time at work was spent productively, after work however, find time to relax, remember, all work and no play make Jack(insert your name) a dull person.
  8. Be consistent: No matter what you plan to achieve in life, being consistent is key. Showing up consistently for a dance rehearsal or a sports practice will produce an excellent dancer or basketball player. If you are a writer like me, developing a steady routine to write will enable you achieve your goal or may be finishing a story within a specific time frame.


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