Welcome to July

A lot has happened these past few months beginning with the threat of an unknown virus in China to the spread of the Corona virus to other parts of the world, to several deaths, skyrocketing rate of infections, lockdowns in several cities of the world to flattening the curve, recession, loss of jobs, civil rights protests aka ‘Black Lives Matter’ and re-opening of the economy in some countries. It is hard not to take a deep breath at this junction because truly, it’s been a lot and there’s just so much a person can take. The amazing thing is the resilience we have all demonstrated in the midst of this pandemic and its effects on the world. And we have all learnt I hope,  that we are made of thicker skins than we thought. Some of us have had to discover talents we didn’t even know we had in order to make ends meet and many have had to adapt to new ways of doing business. Unfortunately, the lockdown have also brought out the devil out of some, so much so that raping  a minor became a trend in Nigeria. I shudder when I think of these things, I will never understand what can push a father to rape his child or how siblings can loose all consciousness of decency and make out. It still sounds so weird to my ears why any man should forcefully have carnal knowledge of any woman and vice versa. Seem like the world is getting stranger as it is getting older. And need I mention the get rich quick syndrome of our time which a lot of youths are infected with. How I wish the arrest of ‘Hushpuppi’ aka Ramon Abbas would serve as a hindrance or lesson to those still operating the scheme or planning to go into such scheme. But I guess these whole arrest unfortunately has made the 419 scheme even more attractive instead of being a deterrent. And if truth be told, Nigerian youths have not had better examples from those ahead of them, when you think of the corruption in high places, the drama in our polity and so on, you can hardly blame the youths for taking the high road. However, I am still of the old fashioned opinion that  peace of mind, good old honest hard work, is better than swindled riches and many have made money this way. Enjoy a blessed month.


  1. Indeed the year 2020 has been a rugged one and it’s unfortunate to see what the mightily heralded year 2020 while I was growing up turned out to be. Above all, all these happenings has thought me the importance of my spirituality in which alone I found rest. Salem

    1. Yea, the mightily heralded year 2020 has kept all of us on our toes and honestly, we cannot say it has been uneventful. I guess we all really need to stay at alert henceforth. I feel like this is just the beginning of all the things we will experience,whether this covid 19 pandemic is part of the beginning of the end or whether the world would still exit for another thousand years all depends on time. only time will tell. Thanks for your comment.

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