Episode 8: Quit making excuses, life is as you make it!

I want to quickly remind you that it is important you live fully and not die with your music inside you. It means, you are only going to be here in this world for a while, therefore endeavour to leave your footprints on the sands of time.  Remember you are unlimited, the only limitation you actually have is the one you place on yourself. The bible says: there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Did you hear that? You are unstoppable! You have been equipped for greatness! So, wherever you are right now, I say to you, wake up! Jump up!  You have another opportunity to begin to become all that you were created to do. And need I remind you that you have been destined for great things. You have been designed to impact your generation in an amazing and tremendously unique way.

There are many excuses we make on a daily basis. We give ourselves uncountable reasons for instance why something cannot be done. We look for reasons to explain the way we are. Today, I am challenging you to build a new mindset, quit the excuses, perhaps, you were born blind, perhaps you have no legs or arms, perhaps you can’t talk-these excuses are actually extreme, how about those ordinary simpler excuses like, “my parents were poor and could not send me to school,” I am not intelligent enough”, “I don’t have the right education”, “I cannot sing”, “I don’t know anybody,” I don’t have the right connection, “I am too tall or I am too short, I don’t have money.”  The excuses can go on and on but before you go any further, I am saying to you today, quit the excuses! There is no excuse that is good enough for instance, why you cannot succeed and be everything God created you to be. Yes, you heard me right, yes, there is economic recession, yes, this is Nigeria where some people say is a land where you have to know someone in high places to get things done. But I beg to differ; this is Nigeria, a land of limitless opportunities, a land flowing with milk and honey, a land where the youths make headway. You may say, I am too optimistic, you may say I am not being realistic; you may even remind me that there are a thousand and one graduates out there who are unemployed. But you know what; life is as you make it.” The truth is you are the master of your fate as William Henley once said. Therefore, you can no longer sit back and allow life to just happen to you, wake up! Become proactive so as to consciously create the life you desire. Your life is your gift; it is up to you to pursue excellence with a clear vision. I read a story somewhere about a man who was born without limbs but this young man had a desire to play the guitar and he knew he was born to write and sing or make music. He could easily have concluded that since he was born without arms, he was of no use; he could easily have chosen to live life depending on others to survive or he could easily have become a liability to his family but instead he chose to be an asset. He learnt how to play the guitar with his feet. He overcame the very thing that should have been an obstacle, he didn’t give himself any excuses, he didn’t start blaming God or his parents, rather he took what he was given, he took what he had and made the best of it. Have you heard about the 90/10 rule? It is the fact that 10% of life is made up of what happens to you and 90% is decided by how you react. This means that you really have no control over 10% of what happens to you in life, for instance, you have little or no control over whether the rain falls or the sun shines. You have no control over natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes and the likes. You have little or no control over sleep. You have no control over whether your breath, you breathe in and out involuntarily.

Bottom line is we have no control over 10% of what happens to us in life, a driver may cut us off in traffic; the plane may be late in arriving which destabilizes our schedules. But we do have control over the remaining 90% which is how you react to these occurrences. You may not be able to control whether the rain falls or not but if you are drenched in rain while going for an interview, you can decided to curse all the way, swearing loudly and transferring aggression on everyone you meet on your way or you may choose to enjoy the feel of the rain on your skin, maintain a pleasant disposition while refusing to allow the incidence make you miss the interview.

What is your excuse again? What is keeping you from believing in yourself and pursuing your divine destiny? I assure you God knows all about your shortcomings and disadvantages and yet he looks forward to seeing you thrive. You need to take all the shortcomings you think you have and run with it to fulfil your destiny. Today is a new day, make up your mind, you will no longer be part of that statistics that is waiting for life to happen to them, waiting for government to employ them, waiting for the right weather. Decide today that you will be an advantage. What have you got in your hands? Use it! Use your gifts or talents, scriptures say that your gifts will bring you before kings. Do what you can do!

Here are some questions for you:

  • What is the one thing you will like to do before you live this world?
  • Are you living fully or merely existing?
  • When will you stop calculating risks and rewards and just go ahead and do what you know is right?
  • How true is it when it is said that “your destiny is in your hands”? Do you agree with that statement?

I hope you have enjoyed every bit of today’s inspirational talk, I equally hope that your perspective about life has changed and now you are up and about and ready to make the best of this day. Remember, there are no free rides. As a member of this planet earth, you can’t just sit down and roller coast, expecting the rest of humanity to keep an eye on the ball for you. A life spent as a passenger, rather than someone contributing to make the world a better place is a life wasted. keep celebrating, life is beautiful.

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